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Soft floor coverings, such as Carpet, are a popular choice with many of us and instantly add a warm, comfortable and luxurious feel to any room.

Carpet is excellent for insulation, keeping the room at a more even temperature, as well as providing sound insulation. There is no other type of floor covering that offers such a wide choice of styles, patterns and colours. The right carpet can make a cramped room appear bigger or add a feeling of cosiness to a larger room.

Choosing the right carpet is not simply finding a colour and texture you like. You also need to consider the practicality and durability, and if the floor will offer value for money. When choosing a carpet, it is important to ask yourself how much wear the floor will receive. The floor will have to work harder than any other surface in your home. As well as looking superb and coping with day-to-day wear, it needs to be safe and comfortable.

Carpet is suitable for all rooms in the house, but it is advisable to talk to trained specialists who can advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Not every type of carpet is ideal for every area, and some have very specific laying or fitting requirements.


Twist Pile

This type of carpet is heat-set to make the yarn slightly curly. This is certainly the UK’s biggest selling product, as it is the most practical of all the plain or semi-plain carpets on the market. With a number of compositions these are available in a terrific selection of colours in either plain or heather yarns. With a number of products available in both 4m and 5m wide, this type of product covers a number of different price points.


This is a wonderfully sophisticated, plain product in either a tufted or Wilton construction. Available in synthetic or wool yarns, this product covers many colours and prices, making it a very popular choice with interior designers.


Contrary to popular belief, patterned carpets are still available, and popular in a wide number of styles, designs and qualities. From a subtle, printed design to a sophisticated Axminster, a patterned carpet can add colour and texture to a room in a sophisticated and striking way.


This type of product contains a range of natural fibres which enables an understated choice that will blend with any colour scheme. From the 100% wool, soft products, to the sometimes coarse Seagrass Sisal products, this range offer a subtle texture with a natural touch.


Each new floor deserves the perfect finish. The life-span and look of the flooring can depend on several factors, including the underlay the carpet is fitted on. Underlay is often undervalued. Not only does new underlay give the new carpet a soft and luxurious feel, it will also help to increase the life of the carpet, and can prevent premature wearing. It is always advisable to purchase new underlay with your new carpet. There are a lot of cheap underlays on the market but often they do not perform well and consequently do not give very good value for money.

Our selection of Underlay covers all of the bases. Good value for money products and upgrade options to luxurious soft underlays. These days more and more houses are opting for under-floor heating and this requires specialist underlay when carpet is used to ensure the heat is allowed to flow properly.